The Paradigm Shift in Personalized Healthcare is Here!

The Institute's advanced genetic cellular level testing uncovers metabolic nutritional deficiencies and genome patterns inhibiting individuals from absorbing the nutritional elements necessary for their systems to resonate for maximum performance.

"Traditional Medicine does not offer the level of testing The Institute laboratory is capable of providing."

Our Treatment Center develops metabolic rehabilitation program for members of Fortune 100 companies, professional athletes, as well as cardiac, diabetes, and brain injury patients. The Institute's advanced cellular testing and treatment programs are far beyond the scope of traditional medicine. READ MORE

Our Education Center strives to gather and share life changing information with Organizations, research facilities, and the general public. The Institute encourages the sharing of information across various platforms to better educate and benefit society as a whole. READ MORE

Our Business Development Center seeks qualified doctors, physicians, and organizations interested in expanding their services to include customized medicine. Our program is easily structured and can conform to fit the specific needs of practice or organization and their perspective clients. READ MORE