Business Development

Expand Your Practice to Generate More Revenue

The Institute offers Turn-Key solutions for Doctors, Physicians, and Companies looking to develop a personalized treatment program in their facility. Our programs are easily structures and conform to fit the needs of each practice or organization. Many of The Institutes business partners were patients first, experiencing life changing results. Their achievements led to a desire to become more evolved in the emerging opportunities of Personalized Medicine.

Here are just a few benefits of our programs 

  • Become more profitable working fewer hours
  • Work with cutting edge labs and pharmacies
  • Develop an executive program for high-end clients
  • Increase marketing effectiveness in your area
  • Cut your practice to 400 quality patients
  • Create a residual monthly income
  • Attract cases you have a special interest in
  • Increase customer base with new staff training

Create a Personalized Treatment Program in your facility.
Navera Health is an example of how the Institute can create a customized nutritional program to benefit your practice or facility.

The Institute is currently working with NCN Beverages, LLC.
The Institute is currnently teaming with NCN Beverages to provide research and create nutritional formulations for new beverage products.


The Institute focuses on individuals and team, not bureaucracies. Autonomy sparks creativity and rewards initiative while bureaucracy hinders change and punishes risk. This is where traditional medicine is right now.

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