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Wendy Chioji


The e-Juven 8 program, through testing, uncovered specific nutritional deficiencies related to my own unique metabolism. I'm a cancer survivor training to ride across the U.S. with Lance Armstrong in the tour of Hope. It was critical for my training and immunity that I get a program that is customized for me and only me. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to see what is really going on inside our bodies.

Wendy Chioji
News Anchor and Cancer Survivor

Trudie ReedBlack Mold Infection
Bethune-Cookman College President, Dr. Trudie Kibbie Reed gives her testimonial on how genetic testing by The Institute saved her life.

Michael KrepleCancer, Large B Cell Lymphoma
Michael gives his testimonial on how genetic testing by The Institute aided in his recovery of Cancer treatment and chemotherapy.

Louis AmableTraumatic Brain Injury
After a horrific motorcycle accident, entrepreneur Louis Amabile is greatly aided by customized medicine.

Chris Islin – Senior Athlete
At age 70, Chris uses The Institute to excel his performance and heath, leading a healthy lifestyle free of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes.

Alan CastroHeart Transplant, Giant Cell Myocarditis
Extreme cyclist Alan gives his testimonial on how genetic testing aided
in the recovery of his heart transplant.

Rick ZabalaPTSD
Ex-Special forces soldier Rick tells how the Institute aided in his
recovery of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Scott LevittHeart Attack at 35
Serial entrepreneur and extreme cyclist Scott Levitt tells how The Institute aided in the treatment of his heart attack at at 35.

Shelly HelmbrechtWoman’s Hormone Therapy
Shelly tells her story of illness and her road to recovery through the Institutes Hormone Therapy Program.

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