The future of medicine is a proactive approach to optimal health. Personalized medicine is based on the understanding that every patient is biochemically unique. The Institute creates a personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Our programs include:

  • Natural hormone replacement therapy for women and men
  • Medically supervised weight-loss programs
  • Executive healthcare programs
  • Customized nutrition programs
  • Healthy detoxification and rebalancing
  • Maximizing endurance and health for athletic performance


Our programs begin with various diagnostic assessments of the:

  • Digestive Track
  • Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Genetic Make-up
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Toxicity Levels
Leading laboratories analyze a patient’s molecular biochemistry and genetic makeup, defining subtle distinctions in hormonal secretion patterns, cellular environment and immune responses. These tests helps determine which medications will be effective for a patient and which will cause side effects or harmful interactions with other medications. Our diagnostics help physicians determine the right medication at the right dose the first time.

After testing, a complete analysis along with a customized treatment protocol is delivered in an easy-to-understand report. The Institute provides you with the tools to become proactive participants in your healthcare. Each patient will have a GPS of their bodies and gain a better understanding of their nutritional, supplementation, and medicinal needs. CLICK HERE to view our various Treatment Programs.

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